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West Avenue,
property development
on a human scale

A property developer in Brussels and Wallonia, West Avenue was founded  as a result of Nicolas Van Zandycke’s passion for real estate.

The company’s first project, Hydraulique, completed in 2021, has been a success. West Avenue then grew rapidly and welcomed experienced new employees to form a small, closely-knit team that guarantees a personalised service and transparent communication.

West Avenue stands out thanks to its pursuit of quality, its expertise and its desire to go further in terms of sustainability and profitability.

“ We shape our buildings, and then they shape us ”

— Winston Churchill —

housing units under development

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Present in 5 municipalities in Brussels and Walloon Brabant

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A team of experienced and passionate professionals


At West Avenue, we make it a point of honour to create a relationship of trust with our buyers.
Through regular en personalised communication, our experienced property professionals supports you at every step of your new purchase or investment.

High quality living spaces

A love of stone is our primary source of inspiration. We think about our projects to ensure that they blend in with their environment and add real architectural value to the urban landscape.

Designed with the high quality materials, our buildings are built with attention to detail : natural light, energy efficiency, conviviality, soundproofing, green spaces, meeting places, and more. All these small details that make a difference in everyday life are carefully studied to create a pleasant and comfortable living environment.


Our projects are strategically designed to ensure an attractive financial return. Whether you are a novice or seasoned investor, our experts work to maximise the profitability of your property investment.
Long-term value enhancement : by embracing high quality standards and sustainable practices, our properties have the ability to increase in value over time.


We believe in a greener future. Every brick we lay, every plan we design, marks our commitment to sustainable development.

Combining high-quality materials with environmentally-friendly construction practices, our projects are designed to last, look good and respect the planet.


Because feeling good about your home starts with your purchase, West Avenue offers you a dynamic, transparent service.

As a guarantee of quality and trust, we have decided to carry out all our projects under the Breyne Law. This Belgian law protects future owners and guarantees the close monitoring of the different stages of the transaction until you receive the keys.

West Avenue thus guarantees you correct and complete information, compliance with execution deadlines and fixed prices, and guarantees you financially against the risk of default.